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Dr Holla

Dr. Anantha Prasad Holla P started his academic journey from Mysore Medical College by pursuing MBBS and he continued to accomplish his post graduation (MD) from the most reputed dermatology department of Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh (PGIMER). During his post graduation training he was more focused in vitiligo treatment and research rather than in general dermatology. He had immense interest in dermatosurgery ...

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Dr Holla

Our Treatment Approach

At MelanoSite we have an individualized management of vitiligo which is dependent of vitiligo parameters like type of vitiligo, present stage of vitiligo, extent of vitiligo

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Dr Holla

Vitiligo - Our View

We consider vitiligo as both depigmentation and repigmentation disorder. Vitiligo is a multifactorial, life-altering and lifestyle-related skin condition. 

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Dr Holla

Seven Fights against Vitiligo

Treatment is the foremost element in the fight against vitiligo. However, this is not permanent. Stepwise the treatments or interventions are reduced or removed

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Why Us

Why vitiligo patients choose us for their fight against vitiligo? Following are the advantages


Successful Vitiligo Surgeries


Satisfied Patients


Years of Experience


Dedicated Center


Experienced Staff


Countries Satisfied Patients


Experience to Treat Vitiligo in all 6 Skin Types


High Success Rate

Our Treatments


1.Steroids: Topical Steroids are mainstay of treatment during the initial phase of the treatment. They mainly help in stoping the disease activity.  Mainly applied in the morning. Different cream/ointment/lotion used according to type of vitiligo, site of the patches, previous use of steroids and age of patient.  Steroids will be gradually removed once...

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Phototherapy in various methods used either to achieve immuno modulation or cell stimulation. We don’t prefer photo sensitisers along with phototherapy. We use mainly Narrow Band UV B rays either controlled by dosimetry or duration. Most of the patients worry about skin cancer risk with this treatment. However, we use short dose/ duration exposure and most...

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Surgical management is done in stable vitiligo which is inactive for 6 months to 1 year and either refractory, means not responding to medicines or slow responder to medicines. There are tissue grafting options and cell transplantation options. The tissue grafting options, although economical, give rise to colour and texture mismatch that is equally...

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